Today is my DAY!

The other day at work I was just casually talking to one of my associates. You know nothing too serious just things about what she was going to do with the rest of her time in the department for that day. Then one of her favorite customers comes up and they talk and when she left my associate tells me she’s like 70 years old. She told me her age to admire how well she looked for being that old and then she proceeds to ask me how old I was so I told her that I was 23 years old. She looked at me as if she was in shock because I am a 23-year-old assistant manager at Kroger. At work, I always get that I look or act older than what I actually am so it didn’t surprise me when she reacted as such. Okay but back to the point of this story. Ms. Cheryl , my associate, begins to tell me not to waste these days and make it count(I’m paraphrasing but it’s along the same lines). She continues to say that I use to be 23, as she smiles, and I reply well everyone was once 23 years old at some point lol. Then Cheryl goes on to say that you’re young, you should take advantage of that and travel and experience new things while you can because before you know it you’ll be 49 years old questioning where the time went because it does go that swiftly. It hadn’t been the first time I’ve heard that but I just thought it was mad random that she came out of nowhere to tell me that. Cheryl was making some valid points and although everyone does not have the means to travel but she told me not to be like some of the “Atlantians” that never been outside 285 or left Georgia before, get out and see new things. Luckily, through family vacations, basketball/school, and friends I’ve had plenty of reasons to get out the state and see new places. But to be completely honest this isn’t the first time I’ve had this conversation. Whenever I tell someone my age at work or anywhere for that matter they usually drift into this kind of conversation about living life to its fullest or going as far as I can because I’m young with nothing holding me back (children).

Needless to say, I am sharing this conversation basically to tell everyone that when someone is willing to share information with you embrace it. When someone takes the time to help you out appreciate it. When someone choose to spend time with you, love you, care for you pass it on. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have been presented and make the most out of them. I will continue to take advantage of everyday that I have been given to the fullest so that one day I don’t look back like I wish I could’ve done this or I should’ve done this or this would’ve been cool to experience. Don’t be that person that passes on that story wishing they could do something different. The time is now to start living for you and doing what you want or need to do to make this day and every day after count!

Today is my day!


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