Go and get it! 

Recently I’ve been encountering a lot of people that tell me about the things they want to do or the things they want to accomplish. So yesterday I got my fifth tattoo and I absolutely LOVEEEEE ITTT! For over a year, I was continuously saying I’m going to get a new tattoo. I’m going to get this design or get this design and time just kept passing and I never got it done. This new year I’ve been saying I’m going after whatever I want and making everyday count. Taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Ok so on the way home from work I stopped by the dollar general near my house. The cashier complimented me on my tattoo and asked when I got it and continued to tell me about how her guy pretty much gives her the run around which prolonges her getting her next tattoo. I told her about the guy who did mine and simply told her just go for it. Get it done and don’t wait because life’s too short. So this is me telling ALL OF YOU READING THIS to go get that tattoo; go get that blouse, shirt, or sweater; get those pair of heels or sneakers you’ve always wanted; become a model; be a photographer; become a musician; be the lawyer, peacemaker, judge; change the world. Just go after what ever it is that brings your life joy because you’ll never know where it’ll lead or what will come on the journey.

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